We are a new-age website promoting alternative solutions to our everyday energy needs. For a long time now human beings have been highly dependent on perishable sources of energy. Fossil fuels like coal and petroleum literally drive our lives today. It’s high time we start using renewable sources of energy. Given our ever increasing demand for fossil fuels compared to their limited supply, we run the danger of exhausting these resources completely. Our website is just an attempt that will make people think and will make them re-consider their choices.

about-us-solar-powerAt www.insulationreviewed.com we inform people about choices available, about options available and we encourage them to use those. It can be as simple as substituting your regular geysers with solar geysers to heat water at home or using solar cookers to cook food. It’s simple, it’s efficient, it’s cost effective and most important, it’s completely natural.

We also review various energy saving products on our website and keep you informed about different efficient methods or products that are available today and that will help you lower your cost of consumption. We provide you with a complete description of how these products work and how they will make your life better.

Considering the energy saving implications of insulation, we have also devoted a section to providing information about various kinds of insulating options available. This section will answer all the doubts that you may have about insulating your house. Very often on our website you will also find articles about issues related to environment. We encourage our readers to comment on our blogs and share their views with us.It’s open to all and absolutely free.

It’s an informative website and we are not trying to sell any products here. We are just trying to create awareness among people and encourage them to use eco-friendly products. The idea is to create a revolution, to motivate people to switch from traditional sources of energy and to help build a better environment. Our little efforts can contribute in a big way to help save our world from deprivation of the much needed fossil fuels.