Solar panels will always play an important part of having a solar energy system installed. They are a necessary component to get energy directly from the sun’s rays and then distribute the energy to your solar energy system. It’s then converted into electricity that you can use. Every solar panel is made from photovoltaic cells. The cells are not uniform in size and the size will depend on the capacity and rating of the panel you choose. Before you go out and buy panels, learn about the different types that you have to choose from. You also need to know how efficient the panel is and what the cost will be. Also, you need to learn the two main categories the solar panels fall into.

What Monocrystalline Photovoltaic Solar Panels are

This type of is made from monocrystalline that has silicon in it. It comes in a very large form that looks like a crystal. The cells of this type of solar panel are very good at absorbing sunlight that you get from your solar panels and for converting it into usable electricity and energy. Monocrystalline solar panels are still efficient with sunlight absorption even when you don’t have much sunlight available. There are other types of solar panels that cannot do this.

Because of its efficiency, the cost of this type of solar panel is higher than other types you can find. This type is commonly chosen by people who want to solarize because it is a reliable source to get energy and it’s readily available for various purposes. Monocrystalline modules can be installed even in areas with very little space available. Another reason why this type of solar panel costs more is that the materials the panels are made from are more costly than other types that you can buy.

Compared to the other types, monocrystalline solar panels are more durable and have a very long life span of 50 years which is double the polycrystalline type. You won’t need to replace them. There are units and panels that were made decades ago and they are still going strong for energy production. Even though the cost of the panel is higher, you’ll get some relief knowing the installation cost is lower.

You can Easily Find Photovoltaic Cells for Sale in South Africa

Yes, moncrystalline modules are still commonly selected and they do cost more but you can still find photovoltaic cells for sale South Africa. These are also perfect for getting a solar energy system for long-term use. This is also a reliable source for energy for your home. Though this isn’t the preferred option, you can still find companies that carry this type.

Another Common Type: Polycrystalline Solar Panels

This is another popular type that people choose because it doesn’t cost as much as the monocrystalline type. The only issue with this type is that efficiency is lower. Just like monocrystalline solar panels, it has smaller silicon crystals. Because the materials don’t cost as much and the fact that they are not difficult to manufacture, you can save on installation and solar panel costs. Even though efficiency is lower, polycrystalline modules are still an effective option for alternative energy. This type is also durable but it doesn’t beat the quality of the monocrystalline type solar panels. It has a lifespan of 25 years or more.

Find Photovoltaic Cells for Sale in South Africa

When you’re out shopping for photovoltaic solar panels, you’ll see that there are many suppliers that offer different brands of photovoltaic cells for sale in South Africa. Generally the cheaper panels don’t have a high efficiency rating but it can convert approximately 12% of the energy it generates from the sun into energy. The lower efficiency and the lower cost of manufacturing make this a lower cost option for solar powering your home or business.

Another Type: Amorphous Solar Panel

The Amorphous solar panel has the thinnest silicon layer and is applied to glass or metal. For the lowest cost, you can opt for this type but you won’t get much energy efficiency. This means you’ll have to buy and install more to get more energy that meets the amount you can get with polycrystalline solar panels and monocrystalline solar panels.  You’ll need a larger area to install the panels. Amorphous solar panels are available for purchase in full sheets so it covers the entire roof. This type is more flexible and can be curved into shape to fit anywhere, even if the roof is not flat.

Now that you know the types that are available, you need to decide which one is best for you.

Selecting the Right Types of Solar Panels

Don’t go solely on price because going cheap may not do what you want it to do. You have to consider where the panels will be installed. You also need to consider the fact that not all types and not all solar panels qualify for getting a rebate from the government or for installation aid.

Take a look at the efficiency rating since this is what will save you the most money when it comes to powering your home or business. Another point to check is the durability of the panel. You don’t want to replace it as soon as you install it. Because climates are different everywhere, make sure you buy something that can endure the climate conditions of the area you live in. If you live in a very hot climate, you need something that can endure heat well, such as the monocrystalline module. The only disadvantage is that it is very fragile and you need to be extra careful handling it.

Now that you know about the different types, how they perform and their efficiency plus the advantages and disadvantages, you’re all set to make a sound choice for solarizing your home or business. Yes, it’s a lot of things to remember but this effort will go a long way later when you know the right panels were installed.