Several homes in South Africa have undergone a redesign process that will ensure installation of efficient sources of energy. It is worthwhile to invest in solar power systems especially if you are victim of power shortages.

johannesburg solar power systemsInstallation of solar power systems for both domestic and industrial use has been promoted by its associated benefits.

Cost effectiveness to easy installation process

From cost effectiveness to easy installation process, solar power in South Africa is a highly preferred source of energy.

Solar power today is no longer associated with devotee but professionals.

It is more than just a photonic energy to kilowatts conversion. The principle that we are well versed with, when it comes to solar power systems. Residents of South Africa have commenced adopting this idea more so due to its environmental friendliness. The massive growth in the world of technology and tax credits. Are other factors that have resulted to increased demand for solar energy.

Early Installation of Solar Power Systems

Over the years, human beings have utilized various natural resources for the betterment of their lives. Being one of the key natural resources, sunlight has been used to dry food stuffs, heat water among other tasks. The solar panel was introduced in the early 1950s and through innovations in technology, the panels’ efficiency has greatly improved. The energy produced by these panels today can power several devices.

The panels are composed of the photovoltaic cells that make an attachment with the racking system. In order to have the panels receive maximum sunlight, it is vital to have the rack orientation done properly. However, there are some cases in which orientation of the racks can’t be achieved. With such like cases, the best option is to have the rack mounted in an open yard.

Experts have gained knowledge and experience

Over the years, installation experts have gained knowledge and experience. That has enabled them ensure high levels of efficiency in solar panel mounting. Today, there is a reduction in installation time, thanks to the engineers in this installation field. For you to secure a better installation deal, you need to inquire for quotations from multiple service providers.

The amount of power produced by a solar power system grid. Will be estimated by the manufacturers. Making it easier for the consumers in decision making. As a household, you also need to understand. That this magnitude is affected by other factors such as orientation angles. Climatic conditions and the type of your roof. With this in mind as a consumer. You will have no worries in estimation of electricity that is produced from the grid.

Capturing Sunlight

solar power systems diagramSolar power systems are environmental friendly in the sense that they operate silently and produce no noise or any pollution. A device whose function is to capture the heat rays is known as inverter. The inverter, the racking system and the panels together form a complete solar power system.

The inverter has the ability to convert direct current into the alternating current. Which is fed into the electrical grid available in your household.

Alternating Current

The alternating current is the standardized unit. Since it is able to flow for a long distance . Without experiencing power loss along the way. It is for this reason that AC is widely used in most homesteads today.

Direct current lacks the mobility property and since it is a storage unit. DC is highly used in lead acid batteries. With the refined technology associated with solar panels. It will soon be possible to have solar power circulation and storage in homes.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla. Early this year made an announcement that by next summer, his company will have endorsed the home batteries. Mercedes Benz is another brand. That has ventured into this growing sector through the sale of batteries with ability to store solar energy.

AC Setup is Vital

The complete AC setup is vital in drawing of that extra energy and have the excess back to the grid. This proves the fact that an Inverter is very essential especially in the DC to AC conversions whenever needed. It is recommended that the inverters be installed outside of the breaker box. This will enable the home owners to use the system. When they realize that the electricity demand has really escalated, the grid can be adjusted to produce more power.

In the case where the grid is producing more solar energy than the required quantity. The power will be converted into Direct Current and stored in batteries. It is the best way to conserve energy. In other cases, the extra energy is always sold to the customers who prefer solar energy. The business is slowly taking its course and it will soon be a high end competitor. Through the sale of extra power, the household can generate enough income for maintenance and operational costs. You can read more on the advantages and disadvantages of solar power here.

Mechanism of the solar power systems

For you to have a clear understanding of your expenses. You need to learn the mechanism in which the solar panel systems work. Some of the key adoptive ways to add solar rays in your home include:

  • Purchase and installation of the array within your premises.
  • Leasing the solar array from a service provider and make installation payments.
  • Signing a purchase agreement which ensures transmission of solar power to homes through the third party system.

Based on the needs of each household

It is necessary for you to consider the above methods. Moreover, after proper evaluation, work out what suites you best. Even though the solar power systems are costly. In terms of initial capital, they bring a huge reduction in the electricity bills. You can enjoy the service of the solar power system for close to 30 years if well maintained. Most of the systems are also accompanied with a warranty close to its life span.

On the other hand, reaching a decision to lease the system. Is economically feasible since you won’t incur the installation costs and other related costs. Additionally, you will not enjoy the rebate benefits since the panels are owned by the service providers.

For a clean source of energy, reliability and affordability, solar power system is the best and lasting solution. Solar power is however not a solution for every household. There is need to evaluate the source of energy within your reach. So you can choose one that works best for you in terms of cost.

How much does a solar water heating system cost?

The estimated price to purchase and install a solar water heater. Will set the home owner back anywhere from R18,000 to R30,000. Furthermore, affordable solar power systems can be used for mobile phone charging and smaller use of power. If you would like to run your house off the grid. You need a large solar power system to be installed.

With the advance of science and technology. The price of solar power systems has dropped. The sun has now begun to emerge as an alternative source of energy. The efficient use of which can solve the modern energy crisis effectively. And this is where the concept of solar energy and solar power systems step in. Solar power system prices are slowly getting more affordable!

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