Isotherm Insulation Review

Isotherm Insulation Product Review
  • Eco-friendly
  • R-value
  • Water Resistant
  • Chemical free
  • Fire Rating
  • Can be Recycled again
  • Non-Allergic
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Isotherm Insulation Review

Isotherm insulation, a leading national brand that specializes in providing top-class recycled eco-friendly insulation products. Currently, it is rated as one of the best eco-friendly insulation products in South Africa by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS).

It is composed mainly of polyester; this recycled eco-friendly insulation product does not contain chemicals like other insulation products such as cellulose fiber insulation. Polyester has a high melting point, which gives it a strong thermal stability compared to other products. In addition, it also has a 2 percent moisture absorption rate by mass, which is within the confines of the set standards.

Here are some of the advantages of isotherm insulation:

polyester insulation isothermCost Effectiveness:

If you install isotherm insulation, you will be able to recover your investment in no time as this eco-friendly insulation product will save you some money by trimming down your monthly energy bills.

Safe and Easy to Install:

It is made from soft polyester material that is easy to cut to size, roll out and install. Since this insulation product does not contain any chemical, the fear of coming in contact with allergic and irritating chemicals is completely ruled out when installing and using it. In addition, it does not support combustion.

Maintenance Free:

The product does not require maintenance. It absorbs little or no water, so it is not prone to bacteria and fungi attack.


The polyester fiber used in the producing of the product is gotten from recycled PET bottles. Thus, it can be recycled and is 100 percent eco-friendly. Find an isotherm installer and get a quote today.

Fire Resistant Properties

It is fully SANS 10400 compliant, and is accepted as an insulation material by the national building regulations.

Tested according to SANS 428: Achieved a B/B1/2 fire performance classification
ASTM – E 84: spread of flame: nil.
BS 5803 part 4: does not smoulder.
Test reports available on request.

ASTM – E84:
spread of flame = 0
smoke index = 160
smoke toxicity = < 1 (low toxicity)
SANS 10400 – 1990 Application of the national building regulations.

What is the price of isotherm insulation?

We have called around and received prices from a few isotherm installers regarding the cost of isotherm. The price to have your home professionally insulated with this recycled eco-friendly insulation product does vary a bit between each isotherm installer.

From what we have found, the isotherm price depends on a few things. The installers have to take into account the cost of travel. How hard the job will be to install, which they all agree on. For example, some areas might not be easily reached through the manhole. The installer would have to enter the roof from the outside. Which can take longer to complete the work which in turn can push the price up slightly.

When determining the isotherm price, climatic regions instilled by the new South African building laws affect the isotherm price. Different regions require a different thickness to be installed and each thickness has a different price.

To sum up the isotherm price:

100mm isotherm price list between R65m2 and R70m2 (supplied and installed)
135mm isotherm price list between R75m2 and R80m2 (supplied and installed)
145mm isotherm price list between R85m2 and R95m2 (supplied and installed)

Additionally, you will also need to take the size of your home into account. The price will vary depending on the size. Smaller homes will get a higher price per m2 and larger homes will get a lower price. Difficult installations could go up to R110m2 for the 145mm isotherm.

Comfortable indoor temperature

Of course, you want to keep your house warm during the winter and cool during the summer. Without incurring an enormous energy bill at the end of the month. It will maintain a comfortable indoor temperature in your home and save you a lot of money. Which would have gone into the payment of energy bills. As a result of the huge energy consumption of your heating and cooling system.

It is not surprising that more people are turning to isotherm insulation. It is the most eco-friendly insulation in South Africa. Helping people not only keep their house warm during the winter. But cool in the summer as well. There will be a noticeable difference their monthly energy bills. Find an isotherm installer and get a quote today.

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