Aerolite Insulation Review

Aerolite Insulation Review
  • Eco-friendly
  • R-value
  • Water Resistant
  • Chemical free
  • Fire Rating
  • Can be Recycled again
  • Non-Allergic
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Aerolite Think Pink Insulation Review

Think pink aerolite is a ceiling insulation that has thermal and acoustic properties and will reduce the amount of power consumption needed to maintain a comfortable living environment without running up your heating and cooling bills. It might be a large initial investment but will pay for itself very quickly.

The fact is in under 2 years it would have paid itself off and will continue to save you money in the years to come. Not only does think pink have thermal properties to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, but it has amazing acoustic properties. All fiberglass products have excellent sound absorption properties.

The denser the fiberglass insulation the more the soundproofing properties will be enhanced. We have an aerolite price at the bottom of this page. To view the eco-friendly polyester insulations view isotherm page and think green page.

Is think pink flammable?

pink aerolite insulationAerolite is made from fiberglass, it will not burn or ignite in any way. In fact it is without a doubt the safest insulation you could be using in your roof or walls. Aerolite insulation is often used in boilers and furnaces and is made to withstand extreme temperatures. It has been around for over 70 years and is the most tried and tested insulation on the market today.

Fire properties

  • Tested to SANS 10177 Part 5 – Non-combustible
  • Class 1 fire rating – SANS 10177 Part 3
  • Class A1, s1, do according to EN 13823
  • EUROCLASS A1 as per EN 13501-1

Does it contain asbestos?

Aerolite insulation does NOT contain any asbestos. There are also no health risks involved with think pink and the product is bio-soluble. If ingested in anyway it will dissolve in bodily fluid. Think pink aerolite is actually safer than some of the most commonly used products today and had been given a class 111 rating by the world health organisation.

Some facts about think pink insulation

  • Odourless, latent & completely good with all standard building materials & parts
  • Will mot promote erosion of steel, copper or aluminium
  • Won’t attract vermin
  • Doesn’t breed mould or micro-organisms
  • Non-hygroscopic
  • Dust settlement won’t hamper the insulation’s ability to preform

Disadvantages of Aerolite Insulation

Some of the advantages of aerolite insulation can also lead to some of its disadvantages. For example, it has a good fire rating because it is a fiberglass insulation, but its not good to breathe in fiberglass, so make sure you wear a dust mask if you are working in your roof and disturbing the think pink.

Another thing to remember is if you have  loads of down lights in your roof, particularly while getting insulation installed or if you are doing any work in your roof and disturbing the think pink insulation, a lot of the fiberglass falls down through the down lights and into your home. This is actually one of the benefits of isotherm.

It is by no means hygroscopic like cellulose fiber, but if a fairly decent size of the product gets wet, it is possible that it would dry, but the product would dry hard and not all airy like when you had it installed, and its actually the air inside the aerolite insulation that traps heat and and gives the product the ability to insulate well.

Aerolite Insulation – Soundproofing

Aerolite insulation has exceptional soundproofing properties. It reduces the noise levels from outside your home and dampens the sound from within your home. For example ,if you are in your bedroom and can hear the TV echoing in your bedroom, you will find that it will prevent a lot of the sound from entering your bedroom. FFibreglassinsulation like think pink is used in many places for soundproofing. Some examples would be recording studios, office boardrooms and even in walls to prevent the noise from neighbours next door,if you are living in a building.

Finding the right insulation installer

This is another very important factor, when it comes to having the installation done! Be aware a people offering cheap prices to install the material in your roof. There are many things to consider. For example, down lights and wiring, and who will cover the damage if the installation is not done properly?

Always use a professional company to do this kind of work in your roof. Moreover, it is not an easy job. If something were to go wrong you want to know your installer is insured. They must cover the cost to repair the damages. Remember just because the aerolite price is cheaper, DOES NOT mean you getting a better deal!

There are some horrific stories out there. People find a cheap aerolite price and then have to cover the damages caused by the installer. The aerolite installer not insured and had no experience installing insulation. Rather get the think pink insulation done right the first time.

Think pink aerolite price

We have phoned around and received a think pink aerolite price. These prices come from a few different installers regarding the cost of aerolite. The price to have your home professionally installed does vary a bit between aerolite installers. From what we have gathered, the think pink aerolite price depends on a few factors.

Of course, they have to take into account travel costs, the difficulty of the job, which they all agree on. For example, some areas might not be accessible through the man hole. Fibreglass insulation installers would have to enter the roof from the outside. This will take longer to complete the installation which in turn can push the think pink aerolite price up slightly.

When determining the think pink aerolite price. The climatic regions instituted by the new South African building laws also play a roll in the price. Different climatic regions require different thickness’s to be installed and each thickness has a different price.

Furthermore, To sum up the price of think pink aerolite:

  • 100mm think pink aerolite price – between R55m2 and R65m2 (supplied and installed)
  • 135mm think pink aerolite price – between R70m2 and – R85m2 (supplied and installed)

Additionally, you will also need to take the size of your home into account. The price will vary depending on the size. Smaller homes will get a higher price per m2 and larger homes will get a lower price.

If your quotation is much lower than the prices above. Proceed with caution as the company that gave you the quotation is more than likely NOT a preferred installer. Moreover, there is a reason there are only a few preferred aerolite installers. Be careful who you let into your roof to do your installations.

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