How To Harness The Suns Renewable Energy

using-renewable-solar-energyThe world at present depends intensely on coal, oil, and regular gas for its energy. The use of Fossil fuels are non-renewable and they draw on limited resources that will inevitably decrease, coming to be excessively costly or too ecologically harming to recover. Conversely, the numerous sorts of renewable energy resources, for example wind and sun powered energy are continually renewed and will never run out.

The suns solar energy

By using the solar energy from the sun, we can save on the use of our planets depleting fossil fuels. The solar energy that comes from the sun can be used in many ways. We can use it generating electricity, lighting and heating homes, heating water and many other uses. The suns solar energy is renewable, meaning it will not run out like fossil fuels will eventually. We all need to start thinking green and using systems like solar power to create our own clean energy.

Using wind turbines for renewable energy

We can catch energy with big wind turbines. Wind is also a form of solar energy and is created by uneven heating conditions in the atmosphere. Wind turbines take the kinetic energy and convert it into mechanical power.

wind-turbines-renewable-clean-energyTypes of wind turbines

There are two types of wind turbines used today. You get horizontal axis turbines and vertical axis turbines. Horizontal turbines are the ones more commonly seen. They normally consist of two or three blades that spin upwind. Vertical turbines use an egg beater design. Wind turbines are another great way to harness the energy we have on earth for free. It clean free energy that we can all make use of instead of paying hefty electricity bills! Start thinking green and make use of the renewable energy created by wind turbines.

Using solar panels for renewable energy

Nowadays many people are turning towards solar power and solar panels to create their electricity. Solar panels are made up of many cells, called solar cells, these cells use light which makes electrons move. When light hits the electron, it jumps to another layer in the solar cell. That electron will make another electron move, which make another electron move until you get a flow of electrons or more commonly known as electricity.

Renewable energy – thinking green

We all need to start thinking green and using different forms of renewable energy to put less stress on our earth’s fossil fuel usage. By using renewable energy, then using different forms of insulation to reduce the power usage we can live in a more energy efficient and clean world.