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10 Tips To Save Money On Energy Bills

Reducing energy consumption is important, especially during winter days. In regions with extreme temperature shifts, heating and cooling expenses are higher than other utility bill components. So, in order to save some money, while reducing the negative impact on the environment, you will have to make certain

5 Benefits of Collecting Rainwater

Collecting rainwater is the approach of gathering and storing rainwater for use as an alternative to allowing it to run off. Rain water offers a self-reliant and zero cost water resource that promises a number of ways the water can be utilized. The following are 5 benefits

Insulation Reviews and Solar Power

Everyone is looking for ways to cut down on there power consumption because South Africa’s power supply is under an enormous amount of strain at the moment. There are many different ways to save energy and reduce electricity consumption, this website is here to help you, the

Advantages Of Insulation

There are many advantages to having your home properly insulated with roof insulation products like fiberglass insulation or polyester insulation. The most important advantages of insulation is that it gives a reduction in home temperatures. Whether it be hot or cold temperatures. The insulation keeps your home more consistent without

The Cost Of Solar Energy

The convenience of solar energy stems from the fact that it is a renewable form of energy that is transmitted to us almost directly from the sun each day. Slowly, but surely, people have caught on to the fact that this energy can be captured, harnessed and

What Makes A Green Home

While more and more citizens in South Africa are taking an interest in a green home, there are many who seem to be confused as to what the term actually means. Making your home more environmentally friendly means different things to different people. It can be difficult