Global Warming

global-warming-is-real-2267Global warming would seem like one of the most commonly used terms cited by environmentalists when they get into a war of words as to the effect of technology on the planets overall health. So what should this seemingly scary word ‘Global Warming’ means for you and for the future of our beloved planet?

Well for starters Global warming is quite simply the warming of the planet i.e. the gradual rise in the atmospheric temperatures. Global warming is a term that is often misused by many, so here is what you should keep in mind the next time someone brings upon the term ‘Global Warming’.

Global warming is not caused only because of cutting of trees

There is a common misconception that cutting of trees directly leads to global warming, however that is not true, it is not true at all. We have been cutting trees since a long time and yet global warming is more of a recent phenomenon. That just only goes to show that cutting of trees is the basic reason for global warming, the more direct cause of global warming is the failure to develop a green cover, i.e. we aren’t letting greenery grow, this causes a depletion of the green coat that our planet once had.

Also improper usage of fuel is posing a huge problem for us in the race to save our planet, in recent years we have been burning off too much of fossil fuels, this has caused a lot of heat trapping gases; often termed as green house gases; that directly lead to the heating of the environment, this occurs because the excess presence of these gases in our atmosphere leads them to trap the sun’s heat that should ideally escape which causes Global Warming.

Global warming is more than enough reason for caution

Global warming should be causing more panic around than it actually does at the moment. With the situation deteriorating as it currently is we must find a way to counter Global Warming else we will be facing a very real prospect of a small scale apocalypse. Current projections say that one of Global warming’s most disastrous effects is the melting of the polar ice, which has caused a rise in sea levels. Predictions are that within the next 25-30 years island cities like New York (Manhattan) and Mumbai will be half submerged in water.

Still not enough to worry about? Well think about this if global warming continues on the scale that it currently is, we will have to face the extinction of more than half of the world’s species and about 3/4th of the human population will die of the heat in the atmosphere. This gives us more than enough reason to try and get around this obstacle of Global Warming.

Global warming does pose a huge threat to our people and we must do something about it and the time to do it is now.

Global Warming is inevitable

No matter what anyone tells you, always know that global warming cannot be prevented altogether; it can only be slowed down. That means that the damage that is done to our atmosphere is done and cannot be reversed. So what we need to do is stop global warming from tightening its fiend like grip on nature.

You can play your part in this battle against this growing menace by adopting greener sources of energy like solar energy or wind energy, especially as mini-units of the afore mentioned energy sources can be very easily installed on your rooftop or in your backyard.

Another excellent way to reduce global warming is by insulating your homes and buildings with eco-friendly ceiling insulation to reduce power consumption. This could be your highly valuable contribution in the war against global warming. It is the best bet to lengthen the survival of our planet in its finest form, switching to ‘green’ energy sources is all we can do for now until we can find a better way to escape global warming. The best part about this is that it is highly cost efficient for use and doesn’t have very high installation charges. Taking up this technology will also save you from being fleeced by the electrical companies.

There are many ways to arrest global warming some of these techniques are quite unknown and vague to the common populace. For e.g. house insulation, house insulation is a very effective technique to reduce our power consumption. Instead of using electrical powered air conditioners you could use house insulation that keeps the heat out of your house. This is just one of many techniques of avoiding global warming.

If anything has to be done about global warming, it needs to be done now so we can keep it under check before it consumes us in its blaze.