Energy Saving Tips for Your Garden

Energy Saving Tips for Your GardenGardening may bring joy and satisfaction, but also enormous energy bills. Beautiful gardens require a lot of efforts and end energy waste. You can reduce the energy consumption by making simple and significant changes in your habits. Growing your favorite greenery does not cost you a lot, but gardening and maintenance can constitute a sufficient part of the household expenses every month. By using a few eco – friendly energy saving tips for your garden might just be the right solution.


If you want to control your energy use, pay more attention to your watering practices. You need to have more responsible attitude, especially during the summer period. The most appropriate time for watering is the cooler parts of the days – early in the morning or the late afternoon. Use irrigation sprinklers on the places where is necessary. Prevent the water waste, caused by the overflow. Very often these devices spread water over the street or the sidewalk. The most efficient way is to collect rain water in barrels and then use it when need it.

Get Energy – Saving Equipment

If you are looking for a way to save energy and at the same time reduce the pollution, substitute the gas powered gardening equipment with an electrical one. Keep your lawn in a perfect condition with the push mowers. The best eco –friendly alternatives are manual tools. These devices are quiet, convenient and constitute zero threat for the environment. If you need larger or more professional equipment, rent it from a professional gardening service. In addition maintain properly your tools to preserve their efficiency.

Green Protection for Your Garden

Give up the pesticide once and for all. The nature has its own way to keep the irritants at bay. Weed control is simply a way to get rid of the greenery that grows on undesired places. You can easily resolve this problem by planting fast – growing flowers. They will reduce the sunlight that reaches the weed. Make your garden the home of ladybugs. They will eat the harmful aphids. On the other hand, marigolds will stop the evolvement of beetles. Use the organic waste from your kitchen to enrich the soil. Create your own mulch from fallen leaves and untreated wood. It will regulate the soil temperature and will prevent the weed development.


Believe it or not properly placed plants will help you save energy indoors. Gardening in a way can prevent the climate changes. Energy – efficient landscaping is a slightly new trend for conserving energy. Positioning a large tree near the house will keep your home cooler in the summer. Your tree will do the job of your air conditioner and will reduce your cooling bill. The best location for deciduous trees is on the south and east side of your home. Beware that the roots of the trees might damage the house construction. Pick greenery with moderate growth rate. In addition, trees can serve as a shield in the windy weather especially in the winter. Evergreens are very suitable. Place plants near the exterior house walls to create a natural insulation.